*  What are the signs that it’s time to upgrade your business software?  *

As your business grows in size and complexity, and your customers expect better and faster service, the tools that supported you for many years may now be standing in your way. Changing or upgrading your financials, distribution, inventory, sales, purchasing, manufacturing and service software is not an easy decision.

But what is the real cost of trying to maintain a system that is no longer keeping up with demands? Whether the results are lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, or compliance risks, failing to update your technology can be a costly decision.

If you recognize some of these warning signs, it may be time to make a change:

  • Your team wastes too much time dealing with multiple disconnected systems that don’t talk to each other.
  • Manual processes that are error prone can’t keep up with increasing demand, despite added headcount.
  • Creating and configuring reports is too complicated and time consuming, and often the reports don’t give your team the real-time information that they can trust.
  • Current limited system functionality hurts productivity, customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Also, the needs of your customers, vendors and employees aren’t being met.
  • Maintenance and upgrades of your system are difficult and expensive.
  • Increasingly stringent compliance and security concerns keep you up at night.
  • Users can’t access your system via tablets and cell phones. Also, your customers and vendors can’t access your system via portals.
  • The system can’t run on the latest hardware and operating systems.
  • Screens take a long time to refresh.
  • Your competitors implemented advanced systems that allow them to increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide better customer service.
  • There is no seamless integration with other applications such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Outlook & Word.
  • The system is difficult to learn and to use.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central PDF document describes functionality that can greatly benefit your company:

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