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What is a Dimension?

A dimension is a data entity that can be defined and associated with master records and transactional records in order to group entries with similar dimension codes and values. Dimensions can be used throughout Microsoft Dynamics NAV in journals, documents and budgets and assist you in your day-to-day analysis of data.

Each dimension can have an unlimited number of dimension values that are sub-units of that dimension. For example, a dimension called Department can have departments called

Global Dimensions

You may set up two global dimensions from the dimensions that have already been created. These global dimensions may be used as filters for G/L entries, item ledger entries, reports, account schedules i.e., financial statements and batch jobs.

Shortcut Dimensions

Using shortcut dimensions, the user can enter dimensions and dimension values directly on the lines in journals, sales and purchase documents. There are 8 shortcut dimension codes available, two consisting of the global dimension codes.

Entering Dimensions

Dimension information may be entered on a journal line or a document’s header and line. When defined correctly it will also carry over from master records such as Customer, Vendor and Item records.

General Journal

Below is an example of the Global Dimensions (Department and Project) filtering functionality when accessing the Account Schedule – Income Statement.

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