Evaluating and selecting new business software such as ERP, CRM or Cybersecurity.

Are you in the process of evaluating and selecting new business software such as ERP, CRM or Cybersecurity? Perhaps you are in the market for a stand-alone EDI, Accounting, Warehouse Management or Commission System. If you are, the following are important selection criteria that should be part of your due diligence:

  • Select software that is function-rich, stable, fast, flexible, customizable and meets most of your requirements.
  • It should be able to interface with other systems that you may be using, grow with your business, and allow for remote access via web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Good reporting and business intelligence tools can assist you in making key financial and operational decisions.
  • Obtain ballpark estimates that will enable you to determine if the total cost of the software and services is within your budget.

When selecting an implementation partner be mindful of the following:

  • Choose a partner that has an excellent reputation and many customer references.
  • It is advantageous if the partner has experience in your industry.
  • It is beneficial if the partner is local and can easily visit your office when necessary.
  • Inquire about the consultants and software developers that you may be working with. Determine if they are certified and have many years of experience providing services, such as consulting, software development, testing, training and customer support.


  • Get as many of your key users and managers involved in the selection process.
  • Ensure support from your upper management.
  • Before a decision is made, the implementation partner should conduct a paid-for detailed assessment study of your current and potential future requirements and identify any gaps between them and the software. To fill in the gaps, they may recommend changing a process, using a work-around, using an add-on product, performing the task outside of the system, or modifying the software. This study will ensure a successful project, will reduce the number of billable hours required for the implementation, and provide you with the opportunity to meet with the partner’s team. A detailed demo using some of your data should follow.

Information about our offerings and our free two hour software selection consulting session can be found here.