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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that provides small and midsize businesses greater control over their financials, and can simplify their supply chain, manufacturing, distribution and operations. It’s quick to implement and easy to use and to learn, with the power to support your growth ambitions. Dynamics NAV integrates critical Financial, Operations, Distribution, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management, Service and E-commerce data into a streamlined and comprehensive solution. Function-rich, fast, flexible and fully customizable, this state-of-the-art software product enables you to build a solution that can meet your specific needs, giving you the freedom to focus on your business.

Commission Management System: Whether you base commissions on sales revenue or gross profit, commissions can now easily be tracked by any number of individuals in your organization. By having access to real-time data, you can see statistics and pending and/or paid out commissions, eliminating time-consuming manual processes. By generating reports at the click of a button you can see commissions paid on fully or partially-paid invoices, commissions based upon individual jobs, commission statistics by salesperson, pending commission records and more. Features include commissions paid on (fully or partially) paid invoices, default commission percentage plus override capability on items, accounts, and resources, commissions split among multiple salespeople, and commission statistics by salesperson.

Warehouse E-Ship – Shipping Manifest System: Enables you to reduce costs while increasing both efficiency and accuracy in shipping. All of your shipping data, whether the products are shipped via package carriers or LTL, is housed natively inside NAV with seamlessly simple access to the information that you need. It is a best of breed shipping system right there inside your Dynamics NAV business system. Key Benefits: Create package-level detail using Pack Line Scanning; Ensure shipping accuracy by scanning items while packing and comparing them to the sales order or picking document; Capture item weight via Scales Interface; Capture serial numbers and lot numbers at packing time; Quote freight rates while taking a sales order; Automatically post freight charges to the sales order; Automatically create packing lists by package and order; Print certified carrier labels, custom labels, and GS1-128 (UCC-128) labels while handling the package; Upload Electronic Manifests; Automatically send a detailed e-mail with tracking numbers and package contents to the customer at time of shipment; Track packages and shipments from within Dynamics NAV; Reconcile freight invoices; Integrate with EDI and Bill of Lading to generate Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN).

Warehouse E-Receive: This add-on provides a streamlined workflow for the inbound receiving process by adding barcode scanning support to your warehouse receiving area. The E-Receive module is completely embedded within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, so it automatically updates business system functions, such as receipts against purchase orders, and on-hand inventory, on a real-time basis. Using E-Receive, warehouse employees scan barcode-labeled items or cases, allowing for rapid and accurate document updates inside of NAV. Key Benefits and Features: Supports all inbound trade documents, Purchase Orders, Sales Returns, Transfers, Purchase Invoices, and Sales Credit Memos; Permits over-receive capabilities, while reducing the administration time required when receiving; Captures and updates product data in NAV when it is most effective to do so, during the receiving process.

Advanced Forecasting and Procurement: As a distributor and manufacturer your largest and most costly asset is inventory. Reducing inventory carrying costs and increasing margins can have a greater effect on the bottom line than increased sales. By doing both you will significantly increase profitability. Improving your inventory position and procurement methodology can free up highly valued cash, and improve your customer service levels at the same time. It uses a Best-Fit Formula approach to ensure that the very best formula is automatically assigned to each item in each warehouse. The result is an extremely accurate 12 to 15 month forecast. The 12 month forecast is presented with drill-down capabilities to allow the user to view the details of the forecast input, as well as the calculations used. In addition, the forecast is compared to the time-phased expected inventory, and then it is utilized to predict the expected inventory level for any point in the future. All of Advanced Forecasting & Procurement’s strong methodologies work to provide the most accurate forecast and replenishment plans available today. The net result is a reduction in inventory, while maintaining or improving customer service levels. Surplus inventory is reduced, and dead stock is identified and can be eliminated.

EDI: Historically, EDI translation has been handled outside the business system, leaving the final linkage into the business system database to programmers, hard-coded programs, or even manual entry. The Dynamics NAV EDI add-on takes a new approach by incorporating the mapping and cross reference processes inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This delivers a single mapping process between the EDI documents and the business system database, providing a consistent user interface and access to key data from anywhere in the business system. In addition, it provides a thorough workflow process, tying the incoming or outgoing EDI document to the associated business transaction inside NAV (i.e. invoices with invoices). This allows the user to drill down to the related transaction detail, from either a business document or an EDI document. EDI documents are also housed in a special EDI file cabinet for easy retrieval. Whether setting up a new trading partner or responding to changes with an existing one, it gives you the tools to quickly and efficiently comply with your customer’s or vendor’s changing EDI requirements. This highly flexible EDI add-on helps customers meet all their EDI needs.

Dispatching and Electronic Proof of Delivery System: An advanced electronic Proof of Delivery application. It is an all-in-one mobile solution for effective and efficient route planning, real-time driver performance monitoring and delivery confirmation. This unique paperless delivery system includes route planning features for arranging multi drop deliveries and pickups with ease. Its outstanding features include GPS vehicle tracking, instant messaging between dispatchers and drivers, and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD). It can easily capture signatures and pictures to be used as a proof that a delivery was successful. Dispatchers, field transportation officers, freight management teams and business owners no longer need to use obsolete GPS tracking devices or make frequent phone calls to confirm the status or location of the freight and the driver. Mobile phones can now be used to effectively organize, coordinate, and monitor all aspects of delivery tracking and dispatch management in a very convenient and efficient way.

Expense Management: Designed for companies that are looking to automate the reimbursement of employees for travel and expense costs. Eliminate paper trails with customizable online forms, quickly reimburse employees with automated approval processes and automatically create payable or payroll transactions in Dynamics ERP NAV upon expense approval. Includes features such as Email Approvals, Credit Card Integration, Mobile Receipt Capture and Intercompany transactions.

Customer & Vendor Portals: Microsoft SharePoint Based Customer & Vendor Portals deliver a flexible, seamlessly integrated and highly secure extranet solution for 24/7/365 self-service access. The portal ensures user authentication and administration, the utilization of out of the box SharePoint functionality to automate customer and vendor communication, and lastly, the integration of data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. SharePoint is an ideal dashboard platform offering the building blocks for document management, workflow and analytics, and also the flexibility to design the portal specifically to your customer and vendor requirements by extending key data from Dynamics NAV. The Customer Portal includes features such as Sales Order Submission, Order Status, Inventory Levels, and Payment Status. The Vendor Portal includes features such as Vendor Tasks with supporting Email Notifications & Reminders, Contracts & Agreements, Existing Purchase Orders, and Payment Status.

B2B & B2C E-Commerce Portals: Why not use your Dynamics NAV ERP system as the driving force behind your online store? This E-Commerce solution makes your web store an efficient and effective extension of your traditional sales activities in Dynamics NAV. Make it easy for your customers to navigate thousands of SKUs with the online catalog. You can rest assured that the NAV web store visitors will always find what they need with excellent search options and custom filtering. Your customers can place orders, view order information and manage their account information 24/7/365. The sales orders are instantly available in Dynamics NAV to pick, pack and ship.

Currency Exchange: Cloud based utility to automatically or manually update the NAV Exchange Rate Adjustment table for any of 160 base currencies in terms of any other currency. Out-of-date exchange rate data is never again a problem. Take the labor out of researching and updating exchange rates. Features include automatic scheduled updates, selecting a base currency by NAV company, and activating as many target currencies as required.

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