Electronic Document Management System

Zetadocs for NAV Capture Essentials and Delivery Essentials provide a number of out-of-the-box features that help increase the efficiency of your staff, as well as reducing costs and increasing customer service. The higher end Capture Plus and Delivery Plus editions allow Zetadocs partners to automate key processes for even greater efficiency gains and customer service improvements. Also, by using Zetadocs all your documents are secured since they are in electronic format and are backed up on a regular basis. Please click on the brochures and videos below to learn more about the solutions that Zetadocs for NAV can provide your organization. A. B. Computer Systems is a certified partner of Equisys, the maker of Zetadocs.

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Description of the different Zetadocs applications:

Electronic invoicing

Are you printing invoices, then folding them, putting them in envelopes and mailing them? If so, Zetadocs for NAV can help your finance staff work more efficiently, as well as reducing costs and increasing customer service. Zetadocs for NAV provides secure electronic document delivery that virtually eliminates the costs associated with posting documents, meaning you could save at least one man day per week, compared to manual production and delivery of invoices.

Zetadocs integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to automate the production and delivery of whole batches of invoices by email and fax. Potentially thousands of invoices can be sent instantly in a secure and professional manner, and your customers receive them when and how they want.

Zetadocs for NAV can also help you manage incoming emails, faxes and documents that relate to a particular transaction in NAV. For example, an amendment to an order might be received via email, which could normally be isolated in an individual’s email account and therefore inaccessible. With Zetadocs for NAV, however, the email can be quickly and efficiently captured via a drag and drop interface which automatically creating links to the document, and archiving to a secure, central location. With all information centrally stored, NAV and non-NAV users can retrieve all associated information relating to a transaction, meaning that customer queries or disputes can be quickly and efficiently handled.

Collections management

Effective collections management processes are critical to business success. However, a reliance on paper to manage these processes can be a costly and time-consuming process. Zetadocs for NAV allows you to automate the collections process via email, allowing your finance team to become much more efficient, and improving the way you manage cash flow. Zetadocs for NAV enables you to send, receive, capture, store and retrieve financial documents throughout the collections process with just a few clicks of a mouse and without the expense of printing documents.

Zetadocs for NAV also allows you to quickly and easily capture incoming documentation that relates to a particular NAV transaction. For example, an email that advises when payment will be made can be dragged and dropped into NAV, which automatically archives the email and creates links to the transaction. This means that NAV and non-NAV users can then retrieve the information, and have a full picture of the communications between colleagues and the customer.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Storing paper copies of Proof of Delivery (POD) can delay the resolution of customer queries, as well as taking up valuable storage space. Automatically scanning and splitting these documents, and automatically filing them against the relevant record in NAV ensures that information is instantly available on-screen, allowing queries to be answered as quickly as possible. Requests for POD can also be emailed directly from NAV to avoid delays caused by sending documents through the post, and all information is available from a central place to ensure the security and integrity of information as well as easing compliance to regulatory and quality standard requirements.

Purchase invoice capture

Effectively filing and processing purchase invoices is vital to ensuring that payments are made on time, which in turn is vital to maintaining your credit rating. Automatically scanning, splitting and filing these documents against the relevant transaction in NAV ensures that documents can be processed quickly and efficiently, and avoids documents being lost or misfiled during processing. Storing these documents electronically in a central repository also means that they can be quickly and easily accessed by authorized personnel.

Purchase order processing

Managing complex relationships with your suppliers and maintaining control over ordering and supplier payment is vital to the success of your business. If you process your orders quickly, and arrange payment efficiently and correctly every time, you will develop rewarding relationships with your suppliers, and hopefully obtain and secure preferential rates. Zetadocs for NAV enables you to send, receive, capture, store, retrieve, and share documents throughout the purchase order process with just a few clicks of a mouse and without the expense of printing documents. This helps you keep your accounts up to date, allowing you to stay on top of orders and invoice payments.

Other information that relates to the purchasing process can also be quickly and efficiently captured against the transaction in NAV. For example, a delivery will contain a packing note which details the goods and quantities that have been included in the package. This can be signed to confirm the quantities received, scanned and then dragged and dropped against the purchase order in NAV. The document is automatically archived, allowing it to be retrieved and viewed on-screen as part of the purchase approval process.

Sales order processing

Efficient processing and management of sales orders is vital to your customer relations and business growth. Sales orders can arrive via fax, post or email, and processing them can be a costly, manual and time-consuming process. If you process your orders quickly, efficiently, and correctly every time, you will not only generate revenue more quickly, you will also promote better customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat business.

Zetadocs for NAV allows you to quickly and easily capture sales orders however they arrive, dragging and dropping them against the transaction in NAV to automatically index and archive them for on-screen retrieval. Order updates received via email can also be dragged and dropped, along with any other information received via email, fax or paper document. This ensures that all information is held in a secure, central location, allowing quick and easy retrieval by NAV and non-NAV users whenever it is required.

Carbon footprint reduction

As carbon footprint reduction becomes more important to organizations and customers alike, limiting the use of paper within your organization can help you achieve sustainability targets. Delivering finance documents via email can drastically reduce the amount of paper that your organization sends, as well as reducing consumables and energy used in printing and franking mail. By electronically filing documents via a simple drag and drop interface, you can also limit the printing of emails or faxes, and increase the amount of paper that your organization recycles.


It’s important that you keep an up-to-date and accurate record of business transactions to adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements. However, if your company handles lots of paper and relies on manual document storage and retrieval, it’s likely that your processes are prone to human error. Additionally, when it comes to your annual audit, you’ll discover that it’s not as easy to provide evidence as perhaps you’d like. It’s common that employees go to retrieve documents from the filing cabinet only to find the required document has been incorrectly filed, lost or removed by someone else.

Zetadocs for NAV enables you to store and retrieve copies of inbound and outbound documents on screen, whether they were originally on paper, fax or email. This can help reduce the incidence of problems such as mis-filing or lost documents and provides a secure mechanism for meeting your regulatory commitments.

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